Township Rugby logo designed by The Joneses

A sporting chance…

In 2014 Lincoln Mali set up a rugby festival for township schools in and around Port Elizabeth. His goals were to establish a lasting legacy for his rugby loving father, to reinvigorate interest in local rugby, to provide support and incentives to keep young people in education and to make a beneficial connection to their communities.

Township was created as a resource generating enterprise to support Lincoln’s project and its wider aims. Their ambition, is to help develop a sustainable environment that will allow disadvantaged young people, from townships and villages, the chance to develop their talents and prosper.

The logo we’ve designed for them transforms the ‘H’ into the iconic rugby posts and is supported by the the strapline “a sporting chance for all”.

A try and conversion!

“Thank you so much for your help and guidance. The work’s great and we’re sure it will help with our fundraising.”

Rupert Daniell – Co-founder