Leeds United FC badge designed by The Joneses
Leeds United FC logo rationale by The Joneses

A logo to unite Leeds

There was a huge furore yesterday when Leeds United Football Club unveiled their newly-designed crest.

Supposedly, the logo is ‘an expression of the passion that connects Leeds United’s fans and players on and off the pitch and all over the world’. We were told that it concluded a ‘rigorous’ six month process that included over 10,000 consultations – hmmmm…

Needless to say, the faithful revolted with some brutally negative feedback and within a few hours of the launch, more than 70,000 had signed a petition to stop its implementation. The club’s Managing Director was soon telling the BBC that they would be reconsidering the project.

As a lifelong supporter, I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a nice way to symbolise Leeds and football in a strikingly simple way.

We found that if we combined the white rose of Yorkshire (historically used by the club) with an iconic drawing of a football, we could make a rose/football logo. Distinctive, relevant and ownable.

Let’s see if they agree!

“Marching on together” as they sing at Elland Road.