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Kronenbergs logo designed by The Joneses
Kronenbergs icon designed by The Joneses
Kronenbergs visual language designed by The Joneses

You’ve been framed…

There’s an excellent and highly-respected picture framer in Kingston upon Thames called Josh Kronenberg. He frames all our art and also does a lot of work for our clients.

His business was called Anderson Hill, a remnant of a time long-gone, but thinking it might be time for a change, he asked us to help him with a rebranding exercise.

With Kronenberg being such an unusual and memorable surname, and more relevant to the business today, we suggested adopting it as the name of the business and set about designing a new logo for him. Our solution took the ‘K’ from his name and used it as one of the four corners of an abstract frame icon, with proportions all based on the golden ratio. It’s designed with flexibility in mind too so that it can adapt to any shape or size.

We’ll add a few more pieces to the gallery as the project rolls out!

60/90 logo design by The Joneses
60/90 racing helmet design by The Joneses
60/90 logo design by The Joneses
60/90 logo design by The Joneses

And – there – they – go!

We recently completed a logo for a client who races vintage Lotus cars – 60 and 90 being their respective numbers.

We simply took the two numbers, arranged them to look like tyre tracks on an abstract plan of a racing circuit, then coloured them in the classic yellow and green Lotus livery.

As the legendary Murray Walker said, “Let’s stop the startwatch”.

Elliott Mould logo designed by The Joneses
Elliot Mould brand imagery designed by The Joneses
Elliott Mould logo designed by The Joneses

Game, set and match…

Elliott Mould is the world number 1 Touch Tennis player with 29 career titles to his name.

As the coaching side of his business was gaining momentum, Elliott asked us to come up with a logo that would help give some focus to his brand.

Wanting to steer away from the overused imagery associated with tennis, our solution was to create a racquet string monogram from his initials.

Advantage Mould.

“It looks awesome! I’m sitting here thinking that it’s just so clever! I love it – thank you!”

Elliot Mould – Founder
RiverCrossing logo designed by The Joneses

Making connections…

We’ve just completed a rebrand for RiverCrossing, an independent investment management firm that specialises in alternative investments for Islamic investors.

You can read more about the project here.

“Thanks for a great job, for all your flexibility, impeccable execution and above all your creativity and ability to listen to your client. We are very happy!”

Emira Soccoro – Partner
Arkarius logo designed by The Joneses
Arkarius logo inspiration designed by the Joneses
Arkarius brand strategy by The Joneses

The bottom line

As we approach year end, we thought we’d show a naming and identity project we’ve done for the UK’s largest provider of limited company accountancy services.

Following a period of mergers and acquisitions by the owners, we were asked to create a name and identity for the newly formed group.

For the name, we came up with ‘Arkarius’, a Latin derivation which translates as controller of the treasure chest. Then the logo simply echoed the vernacular of accounts, columns and calculations to convey the sum of the parts!

The brand strategy revolved around the idea of ‘strength in numbers’ – a nod to both the group nature of the business and their core competency.

Now, where are those receipts?


The Picture Book House logo designed by The Joneses

Once upon a time…

We’ve recently completed an identity project for The Picture Book House – an independent publishing venture specialising in illustrated children’s books.

Their goal is to create a company that places more importance on the books than the business, so we designed a logo where the house is nothing without the books.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The end.

First footing story by The Joneses

Best foot forward…

New Year’s Eve is marked around the globe in spectacular fashion.

Although not as extravagant, the ritual of first-footing, observed in Northern England where I grew up, involves a tall, dark man, bearing gifts, being the first person of the year to cross the threshold and welcome in the New Year.

The popular belief is that the dark stranger at the door is a response to the Viking invasions, when the arrival of a blonde man with an axe usually meant trouble! It’s also commonly thought that the first-footer should bring a lump of coal to ensure warmth in the house for the year ahead.

And… the first over the doorstep can claim a kiss from every woman in the house too – excellent!

With warmest wishes for 2017!

Interflight logo designed by The Joneses
Interflight inspiration from The Joneses

Interflight, you are cleared for takeoff

We’ve just launched a new identity for Interflight – one of the most experienced and established private jet operators in Europe.

Bizarrely, our inspiration for the identity came whilst looking at a departures sign in Gatwick Airport! When we saw the icon we thought it looked like an ‘F’ on its side, so tried to incorporate it as the ‘F’ from Interflight’s ICAO call sign – IFT.

You can read more about the project here.

Mind Zone logo designed by The Joneses
mindzone t-shirt designed by The Joneses

Using our brain with an identity for Mind Zone

We’ve recently completed a little project for Mind Zone, a new tennis and life skills programme which utilises the latest psychological research to inspire children aged 3–14 to realise their potential in tennis and in life.

The typographic identity is simply drawn to look like an abstract brain.


Ababo logo designed by The Joneses

Positive or negative?

We were recently commissioned to name a haematology business for one of the country’s most well-respected consultants.

Our solution took the main blood types: A, B, AB and O as our inspiration, then merged them to create the new name – Ababo.

Simple typographic shapes draw on the idea of blood cells to create a distinctive and minimalist logo.

Wedding invitation designed by The Joneses

Tin cans and weddings

It is thought that a form of this tradition first began in Egyptian times as a way of protecting the marriage by warding off any evil spirits, as the couple started their journey together. These days, tying tin cans to the back of the married couple’s car is simply intended to bestow good luck.

We thought it might be a nice idea for a wedding invitation. So, we printed all the wedding details on to a bespoke label wrapped that around a tin can, then tied the can to the bumper of a Beetle.

Bunny Bows logo designed by The joneses
Compass logo designed by The Joneses

Following in footsteps

My daughters both had to do a little logo design at school recently. This is what they came up with.

As a consequence of their actions, they’ve had all their pens taken away, been grounded for a month and told to never try and upstage their Dad again.

And, in the hope that they’ll stop worrying me and become highly-paid Q.C.s instead, they’ve been given extra law homework for the Easter Holidays.

Alta peto girls!

Holy Cross Prep School one colour disco poster designed by The Joneses
The Joneses have designed a poster for the Holy Cross Prep School disco

A colourful evening

Once every couple of years there’s a parents’ disco at my daughters’ school.

This year’s had a theme of ‘one colour’ with parents asked to wear a single hue for the evening.

Our solution for the poster was to show the record labels of a number of colourful hits such as ‘Blue Monday’ by New Order, ‘Little Red Corvette’ by Prince and of course, ‘Green Door’ by Shaky.

Wedding invitation designed by The Joneses

A heart for Valentine’s Day

An old client, Sarah, was getting married to a chap called Scott and she wanted a wedding invitation.

The idea was to take a letter ‘S’, flip it, then intertwine the two. The result not only signified their union, but also left the shape of a heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

BT Sport book designed by The Joneses
BT Sport book spread designed by The Joneses

A book of the films

BT Sport Films has been responsible for some of the most highly acclaimed sporting documentaries of recent years; stories covering everything from TT greats to giant-killing football teams.

We were tasked with designing a book that could be used as both a memoir and a marketing tool.

Our screen-sized solution extended the graphic language of the TV channel and recorded those stories in a beautifully printed keepsake.

Michelle Zelli logo designed by The Joneses
Michelle Zelli business card designed by The Joneses

A logo is for life…

Michelle Zelli is one of the UK’s most respected and intuitive life coaches.

Her brief to us was simple; design a luxurious identity and business card.

Michelle’s clients call her “MZ” which seemed like a good starting point for the new logo. With that in mind, our design for the monogram cleverly combined an “M” and a “Z” to create a distinctive and modern mark that reflected Michelle’s reputation and ambition.

Adding to the premium feel of the work, the cards featured embossed textured paper, foil blocking and copper gilded edges, all printed beautifully by our friends at Empress.

“I am sitting in a power cut, I have loads to do, no wi-fi and my head hurts. But you just made all that melt away. I love it. Speechless (for a change) but so full of gratitude and awe.”

Michelle Zelli – Executive and life coach
Hocking wedding invitation designed by The Joneses

An Entente Cordiale

The Entente Cordiale was a series of agreements signed on 8 April 1904 between Great Britain and France which saw a significant improvement in Anglo-French relations.

So, when an English friend of ours announced his intention to marry his French fiancé, and we were tasked with designing the invitation, we thought it might form the basis of a nice idea.

Heraldic illustrations of a rooster and lion took pride of place for their very own entente trés cordiale and symbolised their union.

Elliot Lake logo designed by The Joneses
Elliot Lake logo designed by The Joneses

Fit for purpose

Elliot Lake is one of London’s most experienced fitness experts and personal trainers.

He asked us to design him a logo.

Our solution took the form of a classic ‘EL’ monogram.

Timeless, elegant and fit for purpose!

Wedding invitation designed by The Joneses

With this ring…

One from the wedding album…

My cousin Matthew and his fiancé Elaine asked me to design a wedding invitation for them.

I noticed that the word ‘marriage’ ended and began with their initials – all very fortuitous!

So I arranged the word in a circle, foil blocked a gold ring, embossed the letters and added a subtle ampersand between the initials E&M.

You’re welcome.

Galapagos Conservation Trust logo concept designed by The Joneses

One that got away… slowly

A few years ago, we were asked to advise The Galapagos Conservation Trust on their branding. One of the things that struck us was that their logo, depicting the famous Galapagos giant tortoise, George, could be easily modified and improved.

Our suggestion was to take a hand-drawn letter ‘G’ for Galapagos, turn it on its side and add a graphic eye to create a much bolder, more distinct identity.

We loved it, but sadly it never saw the light of day… until now!

Why free pitching is wrong…

Although we do some free work for friends, family and charities, here’s an excellent film explaining why creative businesses shouldn’t give their work away for nothing.

Pantheon International Participations (PIP) photography commissioned by The Joneses
Pantheon International Participations (PIP) photography commissioned by The Joneses
Pantheon International Participations (PIP) photography commissioned by The Joneses

The Earth from the air

Over a period of three years were were fortunate enough to commission the incredibly talented Bernhard Edmaier to provide photography for Pantheon’s annual report and accounts.

His aerial photographs capture the stunning beauty of the earth from the air which we thought was a nice parallel for the overview and perspective that Pantheon applied to their business.

The work was recognised in several investor relations awards as having added significant value to the communications with shareholders.

Tenth wedding anniversary invitation etched out of tin designed by The Joneses

Some tin from the archive mine

With her tenth wedding anniversary celebration approaching, one of our clients asked us to design a memorable invitation to mark the occasion.

The traditional gift for the anniversary is tin, so our solution was to create a beautiful piece of typography, etch it into a piece of metal and punch out the word ‘tin’ to replace ‘ten’ in the number list.

The invitation was framed and now sits in her downstairs loo!

Ampersand logo designed by The Joneses
Ampersand frame

A wooden type of girl

A few years ago a friend happened across a job-lot of antique wooden printers’ blocks and her entrepreneurial spirt saw a business opportunity.

She wanted to use the beautiful letterforms to create striking typographic art and asked us to design a business card based around the name Ampersand.

Our solution was to emboss a condensed ampersand out of a weathered brown paper stock so that it looked like a wooden block itself. A rubber stamp was also designed for use on invoices and parcels.

Countdown card designed by The Joneses

Can I have a ‘P’ please?

One from the archives…

My friend’s Mum is an avid ‘Countdown’ fan… she was also approaching her eightieth birthday!

Julie asked if we could come up with an idea that combined the two for her birthday card.

We did… with two vowels and four consonants.

Wedding invitation designed by The Joneses

Happy anniversary!

It was my 13th wedding anniversary this month and someone reminded me how much they loved our wedding invitation.

So in the spirit of show and tell I thought I’d post a picture of it.

The H (for Helen) and D (for David) were picked out, along with an ampersand – specially drawn by the wonderful Mike Pratley, in the word ‘hitched’.

Other applications included ‘cherished’ for the order of service, ‘famished’ for the menu and ‘touched’ for the thank you cards!

Lavender Trust poster designed by The Joneses

Reach for the stars

The Lavender Trust were holding an event called ‘Reach for the stars’ to raise money to fund information and support for younger women with breast cancer. They asked us to help them with their event branding.

Our solution was inspired by the way constellations are mapped on astronomical star charts. We used a hubble-esque background and highlighted the word ‘care’ to chart our own constellation and to serve as an aspirational and relevant message for the evening.

aha book cover designed by The Joneses

Projects from the past…

All manner of “useful stuff” hides in our loft; Christmas decorations, best forgotten school reports, CDs, all the presents that’ll be good for someone else and the occasional old piece of work.

This was a cover for a book in which advertising types told of the moment they realised they were creative. Not such interesting reading, but a nice cover!

Il Pozzo branding by The Joneses

A new identity for Il Pozzo

We’ve recently been working on a property branding project for a luxurious villa in Tuscany.

Il Pozzo, which is Italian for “the well” is a stunning property near Pienza that has just undergone a huge renovation project.

We’ve created the branding, marketing materials and a responsive website for the client. We’ll post more about the project in the work section soon.

Masked Ball poster designed by The Joneses for Holy Cross Prep School
Masked Ball graphics designed by The Joneses

Holy Cross Prep School masked ball

One of the perils of being a designer is that you often get asked to design things like wedding invitations and birthday cards for friends and family. Needless to say, I’ve done more than my fair share of freebies over the years!

This is the latest “favour”; all the brand collateral for the forthcoming masked ball at my daughters’ school.

Roxbury Asset Management logo designed by The Joneses

New identity for Roxbury Asset Management

We’ve just finished an identity for Roxbury – a new asset management business.

Their new logo is inspired by the mountain ranges of Roxbury, Connecticut.

You can read more about it here.

Bootcamp Pilates dazzle pattern designed by The Joneses

Dazzling work for Bootcamp Pilates

We’ve just launched a new identity for Bootcamp Pilates, the pioneer of Dynamic Reformer Pilates in London.

Their new brand strategy, identity and responsive website were inspired by Norman Wilkinson’s dazzle patterns which were originally devised to disguise ships in World War I.

You can find out more about the project here.

Cut and Construct logo designed by The Joneses

New identity for Jersey-based construction company Cut and Construct

We’ve been working on an identity project for Jersey-based construction business, Cut and Construct – here’s the new logo. Owner, Eddy Cutler wanted to communicate the precision, process and scale of their business which we achieved through a simple typographic tessellation. We’ll post more of the applications on the work page soon.

The Joneses get a credit from Tasmania Perry

Tasmina Perry – Perfect Strangers

Having just finished reading Tasmina Perry’s ‘Perfect Strangers’ my wife noticed a rather splendid name check in the back! I’m secretly hoping that it was for inspiring one of the smouldering characters rather than a bit of art direction! Hollywood, you have my number!

Kingston Choral Society Crossing the Lines poster designed by The Joneses

Crossing the Lines

Kingston Choral Society’s Autumn concert is called ‘Crossing the Lines: Remembering the Great War’.

Our idea for the poster was simple and evocative. Poppies are used to remember the war and hugely symbolic of the loss incurred, so we simply took the title of the concert and arranged it as the stamen of a graphic poppy.

A respectful and powerful solution.

Holy Cross Prep School Olympic Festival

Probably as a result of watching all the medal ceremonies at the Commonwealth Games, my daughters reminded me of a poster and programme I did for their school’s Olympic Festival a couple of years ago. I thought it was quite nice so decided a topical share was in order.

LMG print test designed by The Joneses

Rebranding Line Management

We have just launched our latest project – a rebrand of Line Management, one of the UK’s leading providers of technology, managed services and innovative solutions for workspaces and data centres. There’ll be more about it soon in the work section.

Graphic design, branding, brand strategy, corporate identity, art direction

Cobblers’ children

After twelve years of a holding page (yes, we know, that must be some sort of record) we’ve finally got round to putting our website up – what is it they say about cobblers’ children always being the last to be shod?