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Tiffin logo designed by the Joneses
Old Tiffin logo redesigned by The Joneses
Tiffin logo application designed by The Joneses
Tiffin manifesto written by the Joneses
Tiffin Boat Club logo designed by The Joneses

Passing the branding exam…

Described as “a magnificent school” by ‘The Good Schools Guide’, Tiffin is a prestigious state school known for its outstanding academic results and an exceptional range of co-curricular activities.

Collaborating with the Senior Leadership Team and the Governors, we emphasised the importance of perceiving the school as a cohesive brand – making it more unified, agile, consistent, and understood.

The school’s heraldic crest, derived from Kingston’s 1441 town seal, had become degraded and difficult to use. So our first stop was to explore the school’s extensive archives where we uncovered evidence of a simpler identity. This discovery inspired our interpretation and led to the creation of a new, historically authentic logo that honours and refines the school’s heritage.

Tiffin’s historic motto, “faire sans dire” (do without saying), was integral to our discussions on vision, values, and tone of voice, and our insights were encapsulated in a compelling manifesto.

The new brand is being implemented across all touchpoints, with our guidance throughout the process.

Hopefully we’ve made the grade!

“Thank you so much for all your amazing work on the rebrand. It’s great to have such a consistent, clean and professional identity – you have made a huge difference for the school!”

Garth Williams – Headteacher
Bamboo banners designed by The Joneses

Bish, bosh, bam… boo…

Bamboo is a shared learning resource where teachers can find everything they need to help them with their Mandarin lessons.

Our bold identity embodies the idea of vertical “growth” and “community” that the name conveys, and is a nice parallel for the way schools and the Swire Chinese Language Foundation are growing the learning of the language.

We’re looking forward to seeing it flourish!

Natalia Cerqueira

One, two, a one two three four…

Hailing from Portugal, Natalia Cerqueira is a professional accordion player.

My youngest daughter had been entranced with Talia’s music when we’d seen her performing locally, and we were delighted to help with a logo when we were asked.

Our design simply replaces the bellows of the instrument with her name to create a distinctive and descriptive identity.

There are a number of other versions of the logo which help to describe the movement seen when accordions are played, and an animation is in the pipeline too.

Azura 'Plug' newsletter designed by The Joneses
Azura 'Plug' campaign designed by The Joneses

Connected to communications

Senegal-based Azura Power asked us to help them with the naming, identity and design of their quarterly magazine.

We thought ‘plug’ was a strong name and created a striking masthead that not only brought the identity to life, but also provided a campaignable strategic platform for other communications.

The magazine itself is bold and stylish and published in both English and French.



Women in Healthcare

Women in Healthcare is a charity dedicated to advancing the healthcare landscape in Africa through networking, mentoring and educating.

This is the logo we’ve designed for them. The idea took the healthcare cross as the starting point, then made each section look like the head of a woman to create a sense of community. The animation simply showed them having a conversation.

It’s a talking point in Nigeria too.

Love H logo designed by The Joneses
Love H tag designed by The Joneses

Love H – with all my heart

Luxury accessories brand Love H asked us to create an identity for their new business.

The client’s brief was, ermm… brief – “design me something elegant and timeless”.

Our idea was to take two hearts and arrange them to look like an abstract letter H – we liked the idea of the business and the client both being equally adoring of the fantastic products. The project was brought together with a bespoke logotype, hand-drawn to echo the soft shapes of the icon, and an opulent gold and green colour palette.

Needless to say, we’re head over heels!


“This is astonishing – I’m smitten! Thank you!”

Kerry Morgan – Founder
Sippi logo designed by The Joneses
Sippi brand manifesto written by The Joneses
Sippi brand guidelines designed by The Joneses

Less fuss, more flow

We’ve been working with parking management business Agena to create a brand for a new parking app.

First stop was to come up with a name and we settled on Sippi. Derived from Mississippi it was conceived to convey a feeling of motion and the effortless ease of a smooth-flowing journey from one place to another.

The manifesto explains why they do what they do, how they do it and what they do, and is summed up by the brand proposition of “Less fuss, more flow”.

The logo was designed to evoke a sense of motion; the graphic shapes leading into the typography describe a feeling of movement and the soft, rounded, italic letterforms convey a sense of ease and friendliness.

Just the ticket!

“Thank you so much for coming up with such a striking brand for Sippi.”

Deep Sen – CSO
Sovereign Capital connects logo designed by The Joneses
Sovereign Capital domino invitation designed by The Joneses
Sovereign Capital domino mailer designed by The Joneses
Sovereign Capital domino mailer designed by The Joneses

The domino effect

Sovereigns approach is one of active partnership and they’re incredibly proud of the relationships they’ve forged over the last 20 years.

To build on that, they established the Sovereign Connects’ club with a view to promoting positive new relationships and facilitating great opportunities within their network.

They asked us to create a mailer for the launch and our solution simply took the idea of dominos as a metaphor to help communicate connections. We first sent out an oversized, laser-engraved wooden domino as an invitation to the launch event, where attendees were then given a set of bespoke wooden dominoes (all sourced from sustainably managed forests) and some instructions on how to play!

Dont knock it!

Monogram for Jonathan and Elizabeth Groves designed by the Joneses
Carved lettering for Jonathan and Elizabeth Groves designed by the Joneses

Set in stone…

To commemorate a significant anniversary, we were asked to design a monogram and a piece of typography to be carved into a specially-commissioned stone garden feature.

The words from Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s ‘Frost at Midnight’ simply wrapped around the monogram not only echoing the shape of the typography but also creating a metaphorical wedding ring.

A marriage made in heaven.

Actis Investment Memorandum cover designed by The Joneses
Actis Investment Memorandum spread designed by The Joneses
Actis brochures designed by The Joneses
Actis brochure spread designed by The Joneses
Actis Investment Memorandum cover designed by The Joneses
Actis Investment Memorandum spread designed by The Joneses
Actis invitation designed by The Joneses

Value creation…

We’ve recently been working with Actis – a global investor in sustainable infrastructure.

Having initially been asked to produce two case-bound investment memorandums – key pieces of literature for their fundraising, we were then briefed to work on a variety of other projects including brochures, case studies, PPT decks and invitations.

“We’re so pleased with all the work you’ve produced for us – it’s amazing. Thank you! ”

Virginia Doble – Managing Director, Head of EMEA