Michelle Zelli logo designed by The Joneses
Michelle Zelli business card designed by The Joneses

A logo is for life…

Michelle Zelli is one of the UK’s most respected and intuitive life coaches.

Her brief to us was simple; design a luxurious identity and business card.

Michelle’s clients call her “MZ” which seemed like a good starting point for the new logo. With that in mind, our design for the monogram cleverly combined an “M” and a “Z” to create a distinctive and modern mark that reflected Michelle’s reputation and ambition.

Adding to the premium feel of the work, the cards featured embossed textured paper, foil blocking and copper gilded edges, all printed beautifully by our friends at Empress.

“I am sitting in a power cut, I have loads to do, no wi-fi and my head hurts. But you just made all that melt away. I love it. Speechless (for a change) but so full of gratitude and awe.”

Michelle Zelli – Executive and life coach