BT Sport

Animation and brand communications

BT Sport Films aims to provide the viewer with a unique perspective and understanding of sport by focusing on a broad range of characters and stories,

The client briefed us to create a family of titles for seven of their high-end documentaries covering topics such as Olympic Judo, boxing and cricket in Papua New Guinea.

Having watched all the cuts, we quickly came to the conclusion that the strong, day-in-the-life footage was going to need a simple treatment. Our solution was to create a set of typographic titles with subtle twists that hinted at the content of the films but didn’t detract from the artistic filming techniques.

We also created a distinctive set of animations for “Football Outposts” that introduced each of the clubs featured in the film.


What we did
Storyboarding / Animation / Book design / Presentation design


BT Sport book designed by The Joneses
BT Sport book spread designed by The Joneses
The Joneses have designed a presentation for BT Sport
The Joneses have designed a presentation for BT Sport

“Fresh, modern animations that complemented the films beautifully and great brand communications too.”

Adam Darke – Director and Producer