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Azura sustainability report cover designed by The Joneses
Azura sustainability report spread designed by The Joneses

Energy shouldn’t cost the Earth…

We’ve recently been working with Senegal-based Azura Power on their first-ever sustainability report.

For Azura, sustainability means conducting their business smartly and responsibly and ensuring that their projects provide tangible benefits to their people and the communities around them.

Their goal was to provide insights into their sustainability practices, their accountability for the environment and their social and governance initiatives.

We delivered the work in a striking, digestible and visually-rich style. And all in an environmentally friendly way too!

Powerful work.

“This was our first ESG report and your expertise and guidance throughout the project was invaluable – thank you. ”

Seynabou Ba – Head of ESG
Sovereign Capital daffodil mailer designed by The Joneses
Sovereign Capital daffodil mailer designed by The Joneses
Sovereign Capital daffodil mailer designed by the Joneses

Pick of the bunch

We recently designed a mailer to try and communicate how Sovereign Capital helps businesses grow and flourish. The goal, besides raising brand awareness, was to try and facilitate ‘face-to-face’ meetings with prospective partners.

Our idea was to produce a specially-designed, letterbox-friendly, cardboard box, filled with a selection of ‘tête-à-tête’ daffodil bulbs and topped with a bold eye-catching leaflet – all produced in line with Sovereign’s ESG goals by our friends at Pureprint.

One of the first flowers to blossom in the Spring, the trumpet-shaped blooms signal prosperity, creativity and new beginnings – and unabashedly, they’ll flower to match Sovereign’s yellow brand colour too!

Blooming marvellous!

Sewing Angels logo designed by The Joneses

A thread on logos…

Formed during the pandemic as a response to the needs of NHS and Care communities, Sewing Angels are a Kingston-based community group that uses their sewing and crafting skills to create handmade products to raise funds for charities.

We designed a logo for them which uses a continuous thread of cotton to create a pair of Angel’s wings.

Sew far, sew good!

Parsifal Suite cover designed by The Joneses

Music, maestro, please…

Andrew Gourlay is one of the countrys most exciting young conductors.

He briefed us to design the cover for ‘Parsifal Suite’; a recording he had made with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, of some of Wagner’s greatest orchestral writing.

Working with the guidelines of the record company, the idea behind our visual was simple; to allude to the swan that was killed by Parsifal in Act 1 – a scene that triggered his emotional development in the opera. We thought the stark white feather against the abstract background of a dark forest was both apposite and strikingly beautiful.

A feather in our cap?

“The swan feather floated down into the forest like one of Wagner’s profound melodies and felt just right. New age yet classical. I love it.”

Andrew Gourlay
Hocking property logo designed by The Joneses
Hocking property logo designed by The Joneses

The key to property branding

Hocking is a long-established Cornish property business.

They asked us to help with their branding.

The simple typographic solution for the logo, saw the crossbar of the H ‘vaulted’, to leave the negative space of a house.

Inspiration for the colour palette came from the local landscape.

Property branding all under one roof!


Givingwise logo designed by The Joneses

Giving… very wisely…

We’ve just finished a project working with Givingwise, a consultancy whose services help people discover their philanthropic vision so they can make a meaningful difference to the issues they care about.

We were asked to help them with an identity and we found our solution rooted in the seeds of the sycamore tree.

You can read more about the project here.

We’re looking forward to seeing the business grow!

Sovereign Capital mountain biking logo designed by The Joneses

The pinnacle of cycling…

The team at Sovereign Capital wanted a graphic for their mountain biking adventure – something to adorn the promotional t-shirts and drinks bottles given to the pelaton!

Our solution combined a bike icon with the text to make it look as though it was cycling down a (very) steep slope.

Yellow jersey for us?

Vivaldi Four Seasons poster designed by The Joneses

Design on a grand scale

Ruth Rogers is one of the most gifted young violinists in Britain.

She asked us to design some ‘in venue’ posters for a concert of Vivaldi’s four seasons she was performing; “something to give some colour to the walls and create some visual excitement on the evening”.

We obliged with a typographic solution that simply took the composer’s name and highlighted the numeral IV.

Posters were printed in spring green, summery yellow, autumnal orange and wintery blue.

Let’s hope they strike a chord with the audience!

Sovereign Capital gin bottle designed by The Joneses

Mother’s ruin…

Sovereign Capital recently had a drinks event and wanted their guests to leave with a memento of the evening.

They had the idea of creating a bespoke gin and asked us to design the bottle and label.

We saw that by transposing the last three letters of their name we could make ‘gin’ and created a typographic, graphic ‘still’ to draw emphasis to it.

They were the toast of the town!

Tiffin School French Film Club poster designed by The Joneses

And action…

The Tiffin School needed a poster to advertise their weekly French Film Club. And we were happy to oblige!

Combining the Tricolore with a clapperboard provides a fun and relevant way to raise awareness.

And ‘la Oscar’ for the best poster goes to…